Why We Exist

Prevention is the cure. Thermal imaging is how we get there.

What We Do

Thermal Imaging is an FDA approved screening device using infrared technology to detect heat irregularities in breast tissue. It is non invasive, involves no radiation, and can be used in collaboration with the traditional mammogram. Thermal Imaging can detect the very beginning of breast disease, (inflammation) many years before a mass is large enough to be seen on any other screening tool. Thermal imaging is recommended for all starting at the age of 20.

Beyond Pink is dedicated to providing information on breast thermography, risk assessment, early detection, prevention and ultimately the preservation of the breast and the survival of women.

Beyond Pink donates 100% of net proceeds back to this community to provide women who could not otherwise afford it, the opportunity and funding to receive breast screening using Thermal Imaging.


Breast Cancer by the Numbers

Currently 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is expected to increase to 1 in 5 within the next 10 years unless we do something about it.
85% of breast cancers have no family history
80% of breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive, meaning estrogen is feeding the tumor
Washington State is one of the highest in the nation for breast cancer
Every week more than 100 Washington women are diagnosed with breast cancer

Every 12 minutes a woman in America dies from breast cancer

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

1 in every 1,000 men will get breast cancer

One test alone is not good enough to trust your life with.

This HER2 Positive Breast Cancer was unremarkable on a mammogram

Each year over 252,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 52,000 die from the disease. ¹ The American Cancer Society and medical research supports the idea that early detection can provide a significantly greater opportunity to treat and defeat cancer.² A majority of insurance companies do not provide mammograms for women under the age of 50, but nearly half of deaths from breast cancer occur in women who are under the age of 50. The current model is not working, especially for women under the age of 40.

Thermal imaging sees breast disease at the earliest stage, this could be many years before a growth can ever be seen on a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI. When a mass is seen on a mammogram, you are already sick.

Prevention is the cure. Thermal imaging is how to get there.

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