Thermography’s biggest downfall is that it finds disease too soon. 

Because no other technology can “detect” what thermal imaging sees it is often labeled as a “false positive”.  Thermography however, was usually correct as the studies have shown.  Most women were eventually diagnosed with breast cancer years after their positive thermogram.  What if they had utilized this early warning system by making lifestyle changes?  What if they could have turned the disease process around, thus preventing cancers ability to take hold?  This is where the scientific and research community has failed thermal imaging.

Thermography = risk

Mammography = detection

Biopsy = diagnosis

No single method of breast screening is adequate enough to trust our health with.  For best results a multi-modal approach should be used to keep our loved ones safe from this devastating disease. Remember over 80% of breast cancers are found by self or clinical breast examinations.  What if there had been an early warning system, years earlier?

Karla Porter, R.T.(R)(CT),CTT