Your First Thermogram

Congratulations on scheduling your first thermogram!

You did it! Here is what to expect at your first appointment to relieve any appointment anxiety (we know it’s a real thing).

What to Expect

  • When you come in for your exam, you will disrobe from the waist up.

  • You will spend 15 minutes acclimating to the temperature of the room (68 degrees), for the most accurate reading.

  • Once you are acclimated, the thermography provider will come in and take images of your breasts at different angles.

  • The provider will also perform a clinical mammacare breast exam and note any abnormalities.

  • Your thermography provider will help in finding a follow-up provider for your appointment.

  • You will make an appointment with your follow up provider, and your results will be sent directly to them.

  • Your follow up provider will discuss your results in depth and discuss any areas of concern.

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Directions to the Thermography Office

We are located in the building on the southwest corner of Oak and Broadway. Our thermography providers are on the first floor to the left of the formulary when you walk in the main door. There is a small parking lot in front of the building. There is also ample street parking on Oak and on the south side of Broadway Ave.

How to Prepare

*Please Note: Our thermography office has a strict “no scent” policy due to an allergy for one of our providers. Please do not wear anything scented to your appointment.

Don’t Do:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure to the point of burning your skin for 5 days prior to imaging.

  • Avoid a strenuous workout, exercise or weight training for 24 hours prior to your test.

  • No physical therapy, EMS, TENS, ultrasound treatment, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical/sexual stimulation, massage, hot or cold pack use for 24 hours before your exam. Any type of stimulation or procedure should be questioned due to the sensitive nature of this technology.

  • Do not use lotions, powder, deodorant, antiperspirant, perfume, makeup, scented products, perfume or anything topical on the body area to be imaged the day of your exam.

  • Do not shave under your arms the day of your exam.

  • Do not smoke or have any caffeine for 2 hours prior to your exam.

  • Do not use a car seat heater prior to your exam.

  • Do not skip out on your appointment. Failure to show up to your thermogram could affect your grant status and your ability to get another grant. Please reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.


  • If any body areas included in the images are to be shaved, this should be done the evening before the exam.

  • Allow at least 4 hours after a hot shower, bath, hydrotherapy, hot tub or sauna.

  • If not contraindicated by your doctor, avoid the use of pain medications and vasoactive drugs the day of your exam. You must consult with your doctor before changing the use of any medications.

  • For breast imaging, if you are nursing you should try to nurse as far from 1 hour prior to your exam as possible. Let the technician know if you have had any recent skin lesions or blunt trauma to the area to be scanned.