Our Thermography Providers

Our grant and discount are accepted at both of our providers.

Insight Thermal Imaging

Karla Watkins, CRT (R)(CT),CTT, CMT

Karla is a Certified Medical Thermography Technician. She is the owner and founder of Insight Thermography with 35 years of imaging experience as a radiologic technologist certified in both radiology, and computed tomography (CT). She is also certified as a thermography technician, and is a certified MammaCare clinical breast examiner.

Spokane Thermal Imaging

Wendy Ramsey

Wendy Ramsey CRT(RT)(MR), CTT, CMT has over 30 years of imaging experience in Radiology, CT and MRI technology. She has her certification in Thermal Imaging and is a certified MammaCare Breast examiner. She owns and operates Spokane Thermal Imaging.