Take control of your breast health

Our mission is to provide accessible breast health screenings to everyone that needs it, at a discounted cost or free of charge through a Beyond Pink grant.


Apply for a Thermogram

Apply for a Grant to cover the cost of your thermogram up to 100%

As a grant recipient, you will have up to 100% of your thermogram paid for by Beyond Pink.

A Beyond Pink Thermogram includes:

  • Thermal Image – both color and grayscale images

  • Clinical MammaCare breast exam

  • Interpretation of the images

  • Detailed report

  • 30 minute follow up appointment with one of our providers to tell you what to do about your results

Removing Barriers to Early Detection

Average Cost


Beyond Pink Cost


With a Grant


We have grants available right now to cover 100% of that cost annually. Give yourself the opportunity for a holistic view of your breast health and schedule a thermogram today.


If you are in a position to pay full price, it will cost $350.

If finances are a barrier for you, please select the option for a FREE thermogram here. You may opt to pay any amount you can, or apply to have 100% of the cost covered.

We have grants available right now to help you!

Fill out the application form and our Thermography providers will call you to book your appointment.

You must live within 1.5 hours of Spokane, Wa to qualify.

No problem! We have grants available for this reason. Fill out our application form here and indicate how much, if any, of the cost you can cover. We’ll take care of the rest.

Your screening will take place at our office, 1801 W. Broadway, Suite 1, Spokane, WA 99201 – by appointment only

Learn about everything you need to know to prepare for the day of your thermogram

We exist for our community

Everyone is a good candidate for thermography. Screening starts at age 20, and should be used as an annual monitoring tool for your breast health.

Within 1.5 hours of Spokane, WA

At least 20 years old

Any Gender
(not just for women)

Understanding Thermography

What is Thermography Screening?

Thermography is a risk assessment screening tool that determines your risk of having cancer now or in the future.

  • Non-Invasive

  • Radiation-Free

  • FDA Approved

  • Compression-Free

Our grants cover up to 100% of the cost, and are available to anyone living within 1.5 hours of Spokane.