It all began with two women.

Beyond Pink is the result of two women, Charlie Brewer and Karla Porter, who wanted to celebrate the technology of Thermography and its powerful ability to aid in the early detection of breast disease. Their passion is that found at its earliest stages, before a mass has formed, breast cancer can often be prevented by making lifestyle changes. Their goal was to not just to educate and raise awareness but to help provide funding for women who could not otherwise afford this potentially lifesaving screening as it is generally not covered by insurance.

With their driving force behind it, this fundraising public charity has raised over $1.2 million and helped thousands of women. The funds stay local and 100% of net proceeds are used to provide grants to women in the community.


The mission of Beyond Pink is to improve lives in our community by providing education about, and access to, the lifesaving technology of breast thermal imaging.

Beyond Pink is a 501(c)3 non profit organization tax ID #80-0638255


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