Hi, we’re Beyond Pink.

We make advanced breast screening accessible to anyone who needs it.

Why We Exist

We believe that access to preventative health care is fundamental, and that education regarding early detection is critical.

We are an educational, fundraising charity that was started with the purpose of teaching others about thermography and providing women, who would not otherwise have it, the opportunity and funds for certified breast exams and thermal imaging.

What We Do

Provide Educational Presentations & Resources

Learn all about Beyond Pink and the life saving power of thermography by our Co-Founder and Executive Director.

Raise Funds through Annual Events

We have raised over $1.7 Million and said “yes!” to thousands of women who have come to us for financial help to get their thermogram. Our events make this work possible.

Make Advanced Breast Screening Accessible

Everyone is a good candidate for thermography. Screening starts at age 20, and should be used as an annual monitoring tool for your breast health.

Real talk from Grant Recipients

“Bottom line is Beyond Pink is saving lives. That’s the truth.”


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Understanding Thermography

What is Thermography Screening?

Thermography is a risk assessment screening tool that determines your risk of having cancer now or in the future.

  • Non-Invasive

  • Radiation-Free

  • FDA Approved

  • Compression-Free

Our grants cover up to 100% of the cost, and are available to anyone living within 1.5 hours of Spokane.

Removing Barriers to Early Detection

Average Cost


Beyond Pink Cost


With a Grant


We have grants available right now to cover 100% of the cost of your thermogram annually. Give yourself the opportunity for a holistic view of your breast health and schedule a thermogram today.

Ways to Get Involved


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